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Lower Guard


$ 99.99  as configured

Primary Color

$ 99.99  as configured

Adult (18 and over)

1st guard $ 249.99

Each additional $ 124.99

Youth (17 and under)

1st guard $ 149.99

Each additional $ 99.99

Custom made to fit onto your lower teeth, this athletic mouthguard is worn by some of the world's top professional athletes. The Lower Performance Guard enhances athletic performance through stabilization and balancing of head and neck muscles, supporting full body alignment. Every guard has ARC Technology (Alignment Repositioning Technology), designed to align and reposition the jaw into an optimal position to cushion impact force while maximizing airflow.

Made for you and only you.

  • Ideal for training, non-contact and endurance sports
  • Includes storage case
  • Wear during practice, training and games

Features & Advantages

  • Comfortable and low-profile fit
  • Preferred guard for training, non-contact sports or when used with a protective helmet and face mask
  • Reduces the risk of injury caused by impact through proper TMJ alignment
  • Train harder with clench absorption and improved body alignment


Individually designed to realign the jaw into its optimal position, protecting against impact


Stabilizes the TMJ joint and muscles of the head, neck and lower jaw improving body balance and alignment


Decompresses the TMJ joint to reduce nerve compression, and dissipate the damaging forces of impact