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Enhanced Performance.

$ 149.95 + Dentist Fee as configured
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Primary Color

Secondary (inner) Color

ARC-PRO (Upper)

First Guard: $149.95 + Dentist Fee

Replacement Guard: CONTACT US

ARC-PRO (Lower)

First Guard: $149.95 + Dentist Fee

Replacement Guard: CONTACT US

Custom fit in two different styles for Upper Protection or Lower Performance, this neuromuscular mouthguard is worn by some of the world’s top professional athletes. Provides the ultimate protection, unmatched comfort and impeccable fit. Ideal for contact sports or those who prefer a lighter weight mouthguard.

  • Made with TRAUMASHIELD™ - 150% more shock absorbent material
  • Provides maximum protection for the upper or lower teeth and gums
  • Lower teeth tracks to align and reposition the jaw
  • Designed for comfort with a lightweight and snug fit
  • Maximizes airflow
  • Custom fit – easier for breathing and speaking
  • Reduces the risk of injury caused from impact
  • Full customization available
  • Includes mouthguard case
This guard features ARC (Alignment Repositioning Cushion) Technology, designed to align and reposition the jaw into an optimal position to cushion impact while maximizing airflow. LEARN MORE

NOTE: Dentist fees vary from $50 - $100 based on product type and location of GuardLab Certified DentistNo fees are associated with digital scans performed by the GuardLab scan team.

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Individually designed to realign the jaw into its optimal position, protecting against impact


Stabilizes the TMJ joint and muscles of the head, neck and lower jaw improving body balance and alignment


Decompresses the TMJ joint to reduce nerve compression, and dissipate the damaging forces of impact