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Perfect the Pushup

Perfect the Pushup

The “Pushup” is a simple workout technique that not many people have mastered. The truth is, it’s common to make mistakes when executing this move which may lead to future injury.

So what can mastering the perfect pushup achieve?

These few tips can help you work the most muscles in your body; to increase strength and lose weight faster. So let’s get to it! Pushups are important to your health and fitness.

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More support = better workout

1. Use Your Core

One of the key components to doing a great pushup is to avoid rounding your back. Try to squeeze your core muscles like you’re about to be punched in the stomach. This helps to reduce the risk of injury by enforcing good posture while also incorporating your core muscles in your workout.

2. It’s Okay to Squeeze Your Glutes

Squeeze those glutes! By squeezing your glutes together you will protect your lower back and improve your posture. Good posture is key to a healthy lifestyle. Hint: GuardLab Performance Guard helps to improve your posture, too!

3. Tuck in Your Elbows

Point your elbows inwards towards your body. A common mistake is to widen your elbows which can inevitably lead to shoulder and back problems. This will use your triceps and latissimus dorsi “lats” muscles to boost upper body strength.

4. Widen Your Hand Stance

Place your hands slightly wider than your shoulders and down towards your chest instead of in line with your shoulders. This will take pressure off your shoulders and allow your chest muscles to do the heavy lifting.

5. Mind Trick – Push the Floor Away from You

Try pushing the floor away from you instead of lifting yourself off the ground. This helps to trick your mind into creating full body tension and in return makes use of more muscles, increasing the productivity of your workout.

You’re one step closer to being a pro. Keep these tips in mind for your next workout!

 By Emma Donfried


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