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NEW YORK, NY (Sept 9, 2017) – e-Sports team, PSISTORM Gaming, and disruptive tech company, GuardLab, announced today at DreamHack Montreal, a partnership that will provide gamers with 3D custom neuromuscular mouthguards used in traditional sports.

The partnership aims to increase performance and recovery benefits for all athletes of PSISTORM Gaming. The organizations will work together to outfit gamers and increase education in the industry about the benefits of integrating health and wellness routines, typically found in traditional sports, into e-sports.  

“We’re beyond excited about this unique partnership opportunity” said GuardLab CEO, Aidan Butler. “We’ve always aimed to do things differently, with a goal of introducing the transformative performance benefits of our mouthguards to non-traditional sports. The stamina required by gamers to compete in e-sports makes this another perfect opportunity to do just that.”

GuardLab uses 3D digital scanning and 3D printing technologies for its mouthguards, engineered with a proprietary Alignment Repositioning Cushion (ARC™) to align the athlete’s jaw into its most optimal position for protection, but also performance. It addresses TMJ alignment and, through the 3D technology, is able to precisely transfer the information from the individual to accurately design each guard to reduce the risk of injury, maximize athletic performance and improve recovery of athletes by increasing airway flow. They will be launching an e-sports specific mouthguard line in the coming months.

“We play to win and always aim to attract the best gamers to our team” said PSISTORM Gaming Founder, KJ Freedom, “but, we also want to take care of our athletes and use this opportunity to educate them on the benefits of a health and wellness routine for their personal and professional lives. In a competitive and growing industry like e-sports, teams are required to think outside the box, and the introduction of mouthguards is certainly outside of the box.”

PSISTORM Gaming has 10 gamers, including the reigning champion TRUE, competing in this weekend’s DreamHack Montreal.

About PSISTORM Gaming

PSISTORM Gaming is a Premier Team based in the United States, competing in StarCraft, Hearthstone, CS:GO and other games. Players include 2017 GSL Code S Season 2 Champion GuMiho, 2016 GSL Code S player and Winter 2016 Champion TRUE, WCS players PiLiPiLi, JonSnow, Silky and EnDerr, Dreamhack top 16 player RuFF. While most players are mostly from the United States, a number are also from Canada, Europe and Asia.  In addition to competing, the team also hosts regional tournaments & events both online and offline with partners. Also among the team are many partnered streamers on Twitch, and media producers on Youtube and Dingit.

About GuardLab, Inc.

GuardLab is a sports technology company using 3D scanning and 3D printing technology to create the most accurate and comfortable sports mouthguards on the market, while also being the most scientifically advanced. They use neuromuscular dentistry to create a superior product line – not only in protection, but also performance. GuardLab lists partners and clients across all major professional and collegiate sports leagues including the NFL, NBA, MLB, NHL, MLL and NCAA - including multi-time Super Bowl Champions, the New England Patriots, NCAA World Champions, UNC Men’s Basketball, as well as, the Tennessee Titans, Toronto Blue Jays, Philadelphia Eagles, Denver Nuggets and more. For more information, visit and follow GuardLab on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

GuardLab Contact:

Tina Flynn | VP, Partnerships

[email protected] | 646.637.6818

PSISTORM Gaming Contact:

KJ Freedom | Founder

[email protected] | 703.867.1431



(photo credit INVEN)

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