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About Us

GuardLab is a technology company that wants to change the way you protect your teeth. We use 3D technology to create premium products, at a fraction of what you would pay at the dentist and available from the comfort of your home. Accurate. Convenient. Affordable.

Welcome to the mouthguard revolution

We take pride in providing you a product that’s as unique as you are and at the quality and price you deserve.

We love technology

It's what makes us different. All of our protective products use industry-leading 3D digital technology to provide a more accurate and comfortable fit. Accuracy + Comfort = Protection.

Made For You, And Only You

Every aspect of our products has been created with you in mind. Pick the guard for you and your sport, customize it how you want, get your impressions done by a professional or from your kitchen table. Whatever your preference, we’ve got you.

Direct Shipped To You

Proudly made in the USA. Fast Shipping Available.