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Dental Scan Technician (CT)

an integral part of the team, this role will be responsible for the scanning of GuardLab clients

Company Description

GuardLab, Inc. is a revolutionary custom mouthguard company headquartered in New York City with a state-of-the-art manufacturing facility on Long Island, New York. GuardLab is a custom mouthguard company using 3D scanning and 3D printing technologies, engineered with a proprietary Alignment Repositioning Cushion (ARC™). The neuromuscular mouthguards are designed to reduce the risk of injury from impact and enhance athletic performance through improved body alignment and increased airflow. Pioneered with two world-class dentists, GuardLab optimizes the bite of the individual athlete and captures the information digitally to create a bespoke neuromuscular mouthguard at a cost, quality and speed that truly disrupts the industry.

Job Description

The Dental Scan Technician is an integral part of the team and will be responsible for the scanning of all clients. Knowledge of common practices within a dental office, including but not limited to cleanliness, client rapport and professionalism. Experience with a Trios scanner (or similar) is preferred.

// Key Functions

- Responsible for setting up the scan station with proper materials needed during each appointment.

- Working with the client to make them feel comfortable in the designated working space and briefly explaining our process so they understand the importance of what our product accomplishes. 

- Scanning each client as carefully and quickly as possible, taking care to capture all of the images needed to properly make any guards they choose to wear.

- Meticulously cleaning the work space before and after every appointment, utilizing proper infection control techniques.

- Assisting with event set up and tear down as needed.


In addition to possessing the necessary experience and skill set to achieve the tasks established above, the Dental Scan Technician must meet the following requirements:

- Required at minimum to be a Certified Dental Assistant with 2+ years in the dental field; Dental Hygienist is preferred

- Must have strong discipline to work remotely and with limited supervision as well as collaboratively in a team environment

- Self-motivated with the ability to multi-task successfully and operate within timeline constraints

- Good communication, presentation and interpersonal skills; highly developed verbal communication skills with ability to clearly articulate research and objectives

- Must have the flexibility to travel, locally or nationally

- Previous experience in sports, sports technology or health and wellness is a plus

Additional Information

// Hourly or Daily Rate Compensation.  Day, evening and weekend shifts available.  

// Core Competencies

- Cleanliness: Must adhere to the strict aseptic guidelines outlined by OSHA, the CDC, and NYS dentistry regulations

- Organization: Management of your work space in a laboratory and travel setting; properly storing and packing equipment that reflects the most effective use of space while ensuring equipment safety; keeping records of MSDS logs and certifications; stock inventory, both on a weekly basis and prior to travel engagements 

- Research: Must be eager to gain knowledge of Neuromuscular Dentistry through previous and future research

- Dental Background: Strong understanding of our continuing research and the work previously studied by our in-house dentists; the ability to diagnose all dental cases promptly and correctly upon meeting and working with clients

- Communication and Presentation Skills: Charismatic and articulate; speaks clearly and professionally; responds well to questions; presents research examples effectively; natural customer service skills