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Question 01

"How much do GuardLab Mouthguards cost?"

GuardLab offers the best mouthguard on the planet. We use 3D technology to create premium products, at a fraction of what you would pay at the dentist and available from the comfort of your home. See below for our product offerings:

ARC-PRO Guards (Lower and/or Upper): $149.95 per guard (plus a separate Dental Scanning Fee, paid directly to a GuardLab Certified Dentist). Please contact us for any additional/replacement guards from the same scan.

PRO Guards (Upper): $79.95 per guard, with color and sport of your choice. Add customizations (logos, text, numbers, etc.) are an additional $10 per guard. Customers can take impressions by way of a 3D scan or by ordering an impression kit delivered to their home.

Recovery Guard (Lower or Upper): $99.95 per guard. Customers can take impressions by way of a 3D scan or by ordering an impression kit delivered to their home.

APEX™ Boil and Bite Guards (Upper): $29.95 per guard, with color of your choice. Guards can be bulk ordered for teams, leagues, schools etc. in team colors and with team logos.

Question 02

"Why so many different types of guards?"

We take pride in providing all of our customers with a product that’s as unique as they are and at a quality and price that they deserve.

Whether you’re a professional, weekend warrior or young and growing athlete, we’ve got a guard for you that fits your needs and budget. See our products page for further detail.

Question 03

"Can I purchase impression kits for friends and/or family?"

Yes. The best way to accomplish this is for each individual to have an account tied to a unique email address, regardless of who made the purchase. Unfortunately, our system doesn’t allow for single user accounts to manage multiple individuals but we hope to add this functionality shortly.

Question 04

"How do I schedule a digital impression?"

Appointments can be booked online through our scheduling software at the time of purchase or by calling the closest GuardLab Dentist near you. You will receive an email confirming your next step after you complete your order. If you don’t live close to a GuardLab scan center, we recommend following us for upcoming scan events or ordering a home impression kit.

Please note, the cost of a 3D Scan is not included in the price of your mouthguard. Dentist Fees vary from $50-$100 based on product type, but you won’t need to pay the Scan Fee until the day of your scan.

Question 05

"How long does an impression take?"

Impressions via a 3D digital scan take approximately 5-15 minutes depending on the product selection. Impressions at home can be completed within 10 minutes.

Question 06

"If I get a digital impression, what happens during the scanning process? Does it hurt?"

No, 3D scanning doesn’t hurt and it’s extremely easy - the device is small and comfortably fits within your mouth. The Scan Tech will take a few (thousand) images of your teeth while you sit comfortably in a chair.

Question 07

"How often should I be rescanned?"

How your teeth shift and change depends on various factors however most young and growing athletes will require a new impression (via scan or kit) every 6-12 months. If you’re unsure, try calling us and we can help you with an assessment.

Question 08

"How soon can I get my guard?"

Our different product lines all come with different requirements and delivery commitments:

ARC-PRO guards are delivered direct to your home within 14 business days of receiving your order and customization details (if required). These guards require a 3D digital impression.

PRO guards completed via a 3D digital impression are delivered direct to your home within 14 business days of receiving your scan and customization details.

Home Impression Kits for our PRO guards will be sent to your home within 5 business days and custom mouthguards will be delivered back to your home within 14 business days of receiving your molds.

APEX™ Boil and Bite Mouthguards will be delivered to your home within 5 business days.

Question 09

"Does GuardLab Ship Internationally?"

Yes. Additional charges may be applied.

Question 10

"What happens if I lose my guard?"

GuardLab keeps all digital impressions on file for quick and easy reorders. We even digitize your molds from the home impression kit to allow for a similar process. If you need a replacement or simply want another guard, they can be purchased online through your account, via email or a call to GuardLab. We will ship you the replacement guard as soon as possible, sometimes as fast as 48 hours if needed!

Question 11

"What if I have braces?"

Not a problem. We can make custom mouthguards for those with braces.

Question 12

"Can a mouthguard prevent concussions?"

Results on the ability for mouthguards to “prevent” concussions are mixed within the industry. One thing is clear though – the importance of a properly fitted mouthguard, even in non-mouthguard mandatory sports, i.e. baseball, basketball, soccer etc. is recommended for everyone.

The National Athletic Trainers Association found that in non-mouthguard mandated sports, orofacial injuries account for up to 38% of all injuries. Additionally, they found that Athletes not wearing mouthguards are up to 1.9 times more likely to sustain an orofacial injury than athletes who wear mouthguards.

Question 13

"Do you offer team discounts?"

Absolutely. Our Scan Teams are traveling coast to coast with scanners in hand and we would be happy to arrange for team discounts with bulk orders of any of our products. Visit to learn more and organize your own Scan Event or reach out to us at [email protected] for more information.

Question 14

"What is covered by the Dental Warranty?"

GuardLab mouthguard products come with a Product Disclaimer and 1-Year Limited Warranty that warrants the product to be free from defects in materials and workmanship and that it should prevent damage or injury to sound, natural upper teeth of the original purchaser hereof, when properly fitted and worn during use of the activities it was purchased.

The Limited Warranty is effective for 12 months from the date of purchase and covers covers the actual dental expenses incurred, up to maximum of $10,000 for an APEX™ Boil and Bite, $15,000 for a Custom PRO Guard and $25,000 for a Custom ARC-PRO Upper Guard (less a $100 deductible administrative fee). Certain additional exclusions apply. Click here for the full policy or contact [email protected] to obtain a copy.