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Q1. How much do Guardlab mouthguards cost?

A1. GuardLab offers the best mouthguard on the planet. We are committed to offering a bespoke product of the highest quality at an attainable price point for athletes everywhere. So, let's cut to the chase. Here's how pricing works:

  • For customers 17 and under, the price is $149.99 for the first guard from a scan and only $99.99 for any additional guard thereafter from the same scan.
  • For customers 18 and older, the price is $249.99 for the first guard from a scan and only $124.99 for any additional guard thereafter from the same scan.

Q2. How long does an appointment take?

A2. We schedule appointments for 30 minutes. The scanning and fitting process usually takes 15-20 minutes in total.

Q3. Why do I need a custom guard? My boil-and-bite one seems to be just fine.

A3You are right - the boil-and-bite guards are “just fine”, but don’t you deserve the best protection while you play? 

A well-designed custom guard provides the highest level of protection because its design can be individualized for both the athlete and the sport.

The precise 3D scanning ensures an EXCELLENT, snug fit and optimal comfort. This is particularly important for our youth athletes because the comfort of the guard increases the likelihood that it will be worn.

So now the technical part: when we create your individual guard we optimize the position of your jaw to help absorb impact and dissipate pressure to assist in injury prevention. Additionally, it has been proven that this perfect alignment enhances flexibility, balance, strength and explosive power.

Pretty cool stuff, we know. We are stoked about what we do and hope you are too!

Q4. So which guard is right for me?

A4. For non-contact sports (soccer, baseball, volleyball, etc.), we recommend our Lower Performance Guard. It fits nicely along the bottom teeth for a perfect fit. For contact sports (football, lacrosse, wrestling, etc.), you will need our Upper Protection Guard to keep your teeth protected while you are playing. It fits snugly along the top teeth so it won’t fall out. We highly recommend our Night Recovery Guard for ALL athletes year round. The Recovery Guard allows you to get a better night's sleep, recover quicker and perform better the next day.

Q5. So what happens during the scanning process? Does it hurt?

A5. No, it won’t hurt and it's so easy! The device is small and comfortably fits within your mouth. The tech will take a few (thousand!) images of your teeth while you sit comfortably in chair and within a half hour, you are done. Bada boom, bada bing. And don’t be surprised if your tech tries to talk to you, they are awfully friendly…

Q6. How soon can I get my guard?

A6. After you've been scanned, we do our very best to send you the guard within 5 business days. If you need it sooner, please give us a call as quickly as possible and let us know. We will do our absolute best to work around your schedule.

Q7. If I lose it, do I need to be rescanned?

A7. Nope. We keep your 3D-printed impression in our labs so if you need another one, simply re-order online, send us an email or give us a call. We will ship you the replacement guard as soon as possible.

Q8. What if I have braces?

A8. No problem! We can make a mouthguard for those of you with braces as well.

Q9. How often should I be rescanned?

A9How quickly your teeth will shift depends on various factors. Since everyone’s situation is unique, we recommend calling us if you are feeling any discomfort with your guard over any period of time. It could be 1, 3, 6, 9 months from now, just please call us. Your comfort and experience are important to us, and we will talk through options and next steps at that time.

Q10. Can a mouthguard prevent concussions?

A10. Great question, but unfortunately the results are mixed within the industry. 

With that said, based on our research, we can tell you that mouthguard materials by nature have shock absorption qualities. Sports Dentistry states the following:

“Mouthguards must be resilient and yet soft enough to absorb impact energy and reduce transmitted forces. When a properly-fitted and balanced custom-made mouthguard is in place then, there is a forward/downward movement of the jaw, thus opening the space between the glenoid fossa and the condylar head. This may reduce the opportunity for the condylar head to directly impact the glenoid fossa after an upward blow to the jaw, thus reducing the impact and acceleration forces to the entire temporal region.”

Ok so that was a lot of technical jargon, but net-net, a mouthguard MIGHT assist in the prevention of concussions by creating space within the TMJ (temporomandibular joint) and reducing the impact to the jaw. There are no guarantees when it comes to concussions, but here at GuardLab, we are going to do our absolute best to keep you protected.

Q11. Do you offer team discounts?

A11. Absolutely. If you get your team to come in we will take $25.00 off of everyone’s first guard. Email [email protected] to get started.