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Official Mouthguard Of

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Renzo Gracie Guard


Adult (18 and over)

1st guard $249.99

Each additional $124.99

Youth (17 and under)

1st guard $149.99

Each additional $99.99

  • An Official Licensed Mouthguard of Renzo Gracie Academy
  • Wear during grappling, wrestling, rolling and sparring
  • This neuromuscular mouthguard is engineered with Alignment Repositioning Cushion (ARC™) Technology, designed to reduce the risk of injury from impact and enhance athletic performance through imrpoved body alignment and increased airflow.
  • Ultimate protection for teeth
  • Assists in protecting against whiplash, vibrational forces, blows to the jaw & head by stabilizing head, neck and jaw muscles
  • 3D scan included in price
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"We look forward to working with GuardLab to ensure that our students train with the best protective equipment available - including mouthguards. In life we have what we can handle. Never let them see you flinch or falter, when you have a chance, show them who you are. Stand proud and hit hard - preferably while wearing your mouthguard, in case they hit you back."

Jiu-Jitsu Black Belt Master Renzo Gracie

GuardLab holds the art of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu in the highest regard and we are honored to partner with Master Renzo Gracie.