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Technology First

GuardLab is a technology company first. It leads everything we do and is incorporatedinto all of our products to create the best mouthguards - in protection and performance - period.

3D Scanning & Printing

For the best of the best, we use 3D scanners to digitally capture every curve and ridge of each athlete’s unique teeth. Our mobile scan teams visit teams, leagues, schools, gyms and retail locations across the country and digital scans are sent to our lab to create each guard individually using highly accurate 3D printers.

Can’t get to a scanner? Not a problem. We’ve introduced our leading 3D technology to bring the same comfort and fit to our home impression kit. Once we receive your impression our lab uses desktop scanners to digitize your molds and 3D printers to create your guard.

Digital scans of your teeth are kept on file to make reorders quick and easy.

Neuromuscular Science

Developed by two world-class dentists, our ARC-PRO mouthguards use neuromuscular science to create the best mouthguard – not only in protection, but also performance.

These guards position the jaw down and forward to balance the muscles of the head and neck, maximize airflow and absorb shock in the event of impact. This “optimal bite” is imprinted onto your custom guard to perfectly align you each and every time.

Digital Technology

Need the quick fix? Even GuardLab’s Boil & Bite mouthguards use a patent-pending digital technology. The first of its kind our guards include a digital pre-indentation for your teeth, allowing the material to more evenly and accurate distribute for a more accurate and comfortable fit.

On top of that, we use TRAUMASHIELD™ material - scientifically proven to be 150% more shock absorbent then other mouthguard materials.

If you have any questions regarding our science and technology, please email us at [email protected]